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We pay £64 on average for seminars, The Print calculates

A recent calculation has revealed a 2-hour university seminar to cost £64.24 on average, to the nearest penny.

The calculation is based on the £9,250 yearly tuition fee for an undergraduate degree, with students receiving a yearly total of 288 spoken teaching hours, assuming time is split equally between digitally delivered lectures and in-person seminars.

A single hour of seminar discussion costs £32.12, with the yearly sum of 144 seminar hours amounting to less than the 168 hours in one week. Students have noted that seminars are often delivered disinterestedly, by seminar leaders who teach each group for only three months at a time. Some modules have proved difficult due to students being unable to hear seminar leaders speaking.

Teaching has been further disrupted by regular strikes, social distancing measures and students’ ‘reluctance’ to contribute to discussions following a period of online teaching.

‘I can hear the money pouring from my pocket ’, an anonymous spokesperson said.

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