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Help @Letters Correspondent! There’s a spider in my room!!!


I am dealing with quite a conurndrum at this very time which I am hoping you can ameliorate. I am having issue with a spider of habitation in university halls. It is a spider of proportions I cannot speak publicly without fear in the hearts of readers.

This spider is bigger any spider ever have I seen in the life. It lives atop wall abreast the bed on which the sleep. It does not move once muscle thou I am fear to touch it lest it run to a minorly visible location. If were to happen I would elicit great call of AH into university halls, and again fear to the heart.

It contirnubute little to study, relaxation nor romance. Nor spider to follow pursuit of study itself. 

Time of the essence. What to do?




Dear Anonymous,

It is with dismay I hear of such a scary situation in your halls. Have you ever heard of the ‘glass and paper’ trick? I would suggest trying this method of spider removal if the fear should allow it. 

As it goes, you find a clear glass, such as a pint glass, and you hold it over the spider. Next, you trap the spider inside the glass against the wall. Slide a piece of paper or cardboard between the wall and the rim of the glass to isolate the spider. You will see it crawling around inside… AH! 

Try to restrain your fear for long enough to take the spider outside or to the window so that you can send it on its way. 

Sometimes I wave goodbye to a spider if it has been in my house for some time. It seems as though you hold little respect for this creature, however, so this step is not essential.

I wish you the best of luck.

Letters Correspondent

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