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Song Review: ‘Drunk on Valentine’s Day’ Will Relate to Many

If you are dateless this Valentine’s Day, you might find yourself turning to the bottle – and then to the plentiful genre of wistful, unlucky-in-love anthems.

Why not console yourself with Project Culture’s new single ‘Drunk on Valentines Day’ which would make a worthy addition to your ‘heartbroken’ playlist. The ex-QM four piece are back with another tune: this time featuring the skilful guitar work of new signing Andrew Lewis-Smith.

Again, they amaze with their ability to pair the most heart wrenching lyrics with fluffy, upbeat guitar licks. How fitting for a light hearted celebration etched with despair for so many!

The most significant development is the serious increase in production value. The mastering quality far surpasses any previous effort by a country mile and, along with the hand-designed artwork, reflects how much care the band are putting into their new projects.

But there is a danger that with the smoother finishing, the band lose their gritty, punkish edge which comes through so well on tracks likes Character Actor and Force of Habit. They would do well to tread the line between production and purity.

As always, the lyrics are carefully crafted and might prompt you to do some self-reflection on your own luckless love life: “Can’t keep blaming it on bad luck, can’t shrug it off as you win some you lose some anymore.”

Point taken.

So if you are alone this evening: close your eyes, press replay – and remember – “it’ll be morning soon”.

Drunk on Valentine’s Day is out now on Spotify, and Soundcloud. Listen live at Project Culture’s next gig Wednesday 23rd Feb supporting Hongza at The Victoria, Dalston.

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