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I Am The Letters Correspondent

Dear all,

My name is Rebecca Fall and I am the Print’s Letters Correspondent.

University (and life in general) is sometimes nice but sometimes it is very bad and it sucks and makes you angry. I for one can certainly relate to this. For example, I was sat in the SU Hub today writing an article and suddenly I became really hungry. It was really annoying. I had already eaten the mini sausage roll in my pocket that morning and life began to feel like a lost cause. I thought of all the tragedy in the world.  My stomach was empty and growling. This was serious.

Luckily I managed to brave the Ground Café long enough to get myself some sushi and I soon felt miles better. That’s just the way of the world I guess.

Though still, I dare to dream. I dream of a future where there is a sandwich machine in the SU Hub. I dream of a future where I can go and warm it up in the machine and eat it and it will be all hot and melted and delicious.

I am here for those who dare to dream. As the Letters Correspondent, I want to hear it from you. I want to hear your complaints, your hopes and your gripes. I will consensually be on the receiving end of all your vicious angst and burning resentments so that I may respond with the worldly insight that can only be found in a 19-year-old girl who’s never been to Nandos and is scared of worms.

I want you to write me a letter. It can say literally anything. I will reply to every single one monthly on this page. I am also open to death threats if need be but these are not compulsory.

Yours correspondently,



Please send your letters to:


Twitter: @ThePrintLetters

Instagram: @theprintletters


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  1. Danathan Donathan Danathan Donathan 11th January 2022

    literally anything

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