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Can Elon Musk Be My Best Bud?

Laura discusses how to navigate the world of stocks and space.

Have you heard of Elon Musk? Kind of an edgy name, “Elon” meaning oak tree and “musk” meaning deer scent. He might sound like a nature lover, but he and his ideas are anything but natural. Starting with stocks, the most supernatural of them all.

Stocks are everywhere. It is hard to deny their importance in the world’s economy – allowing the expansion of large corporations, driving and influencing recessions, inflations, personal profits and smart investments. They are the tell-tale sign of financial crises or substantial monetary gains. So, yes, they are important and worth analyzing and investing in, but, please, let’s leave it at a personal level.

Conversations about any topic you know nothing about are draining and, well, sad (unless you learn to admit to the existing void of ignorance and fight to fill it). However, I find that conversations that go into finance and stocks leave me feeling extra sad because it is presented as such an important topic and not knowing anything  about it feels like a sin. Sorry, priest.

People around me, including myself, admit that our knowledge about the current stock market is nonexistent, yet it feels harder to confess than not knowing much about other topics.

Something else that is natural and yet so hard to grasp, as it is literally way out there, is space. These highly elite, secretive, unreachable organizations like NASA and ESA are now top investments for the world’s wealthiest like Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and many others – the explorers of space. All the YouTube lives of rocket launchings and the lotteries to get a ticket to space (even I tried one, unlucky) are incredible, yet we often miss the point – why are we, humans, doing this?

This poses a moral dilemma of sorts: to do something cool or to do real and valuable science and exploration? Essentially, they are collecting samples, pushing engineering innovations and delivering cargo to space stations. All well and good, but the social media output reflects a display that sometimes feels a bit too gamesome.

As they say, World War III will be caused by crypto and fought in space. Therefore, one must ask oneself – will I be of assistance? 

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