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Women You Should Be Following

Picture by Sinitta Leunen on Unsplash
Picture by Sinitta Leunen on Unsplash

In a world full of Instagram ‘influencers’ and celebrities constantly endorsing products, it can be difficult to find inspiring women. For this reason, I wanted to point out some women who are using their platforms for good. From topical discussions of politics, feminism, and sex ed, I think everyone could learn and benefit from following and listening to what these inspiring women have to say. Social media can be a great way to connect with marginalised voices who are not usually given a platform in popular culture. Social media has allowed these voices to be heard and started important conservations. Therefore,  I think it is important to show support towards these women so they are able to teach and inspire wider audiences. This list is in no way exhaustive, but rather highlights some women who’ve helped shape my feminism and opinions in a free and accessible manner.


ContraPoints, aka, Natalie Wynn, is a trans female YouTuber who makes videos around the trans experience, critiquing transphobia and misogyny, with insights of her own experience. ContraPoints also makes videos on contemporary political and social commentary, for example the recent US election and ‘cancel culture’. Her videos often take the format of her acting as a range of characters, all in debate with one another as they each provide a different angle. Her academic background results in extremely well researched and intellectual videos, which provide excellent counter arguments towards right-wing opinions, but also make for engaging content due to her witty humour and aesthetic filming.

YouTube channel: ContraPoints

Instagram: @contrapoints

Chidera Eggerue 

Chidera Eggerue is a British Nigeria social media influencer and author from London, and is creating an unapologetic voice in feminism. Eggerue gained popularity from her 2018 #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER movement, where she sought to normalise different women’s bodies and highlighted the toxicity around conversation of body image. Her books “What a Time to Be Alone” and “How to Get Over a Boy” both touch upon the importance of being alone and the joy it can bring. Eggerue writes about taking control of your love life with a strong message of self-love.

Instagram: @theslumflower                                                                                                                          Twitter: @theslumflower

Ruby Rare 

Ruby Rare is a sex educator and author, who promotes a healthy relationship with sex by discussing a range of topics, such as sexuality, polyamory and sex toys. Rare also speaks a lot about body positivity and normalizing body hair through encouraging messages of self-love and acceptance of all body types. Despite taboos around speaking about sex, Rare offers an extremely sex positive attitude and has written the book “Sex Ed: A Guide for Adults”, which acts as accessible manual full of illustrations detailing sex education that you probably weren’t taught in school. She is also an ambassador for Brook Sex Positive, which is a sexual health and wellbeing support for under 25s.

Instagram: @rubyrare

Florence Given 

Florence Given is a feminist writer, social commentator and illustrator. Her book “Women Don’t Owe You Pretty” has been a bestseller. It is a very accessible book unpacking the misogyny and patriarchy in our society, but also acts as guidance for young women, teaching them about intersectional progressive feminim. Given’s book also includes plenty of illustrations with witty slogans such as “Maybe it’s a girl crush maybe you’re queer”, which she also sells as prints, tees and tote bags. Given’s Instagram is full of great resources to learn more about feminism. 

Instagram: @florencegiven 

Char Ellesse 

Char Ellesse is a feminist influencer and model. She is the founder of ‘Girls Will Be Boys’ which is an online platform aiming to challenge stereotypical gender roles and gender conformity. Ellesse also discusses blurring the boundaries of gender identity, creating space for people that are trans and non-binary. Ellesse also started the hashtag #omgshesbald, which drives to empower women to shave their heads to reject the patriarchal ideas that a woman’s worth is attached to her appearance, which she has recently transformed into a short film. 


Instagram: @ellessechar

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