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Quarantine: How it changes us, for the better

As the Coronavirus pandemic emerged this year, most people around the world were forced to quarantine in their homes to avoid its spread and contain it as much as possible. This pandemic was a surprise and an unfortunate event which in a way halted our everyday lives and forced us to live in uncertainty for the next few months. However, a majority of people unfortunately have been directly affected by this disease and haven’t had the chance to quarantine in the safety of their own house. That is why people who have the opportunity to stay safe in their houses, including myself, should try to view this quarantine period as something positive rather than negative.

I want to start off by stating that it is really easy to make the best out of the situation and be productive as well as relax during this period. As humans we tend to have very busy and hectic lifestyles, so this is the perfect time for some people to wind down and take a small “break”. A “break” where we can contact people such as family members and friends through phone calls or facetime calls or if we have the chance to quarantine with them, to spend some quality time together. We can also take up a new hobby that we have been putting off such as cooking or painting, watch a new series or a movie that we always wanted to watch but didn’t have the time to, or even re-watch our favorite ones. In addition to this, it gives us the opportunity to have some good and fruitful conversations with our loved ones, make some decisions in our personal life or work-related ones, as well as take care of ourselves and our well-being which is really important. Either way, if we are healthy, staying and working in our home, there are plenty of things that we can occupy ourselves with.

One more thing that it is vital to point out, is how we are going to change mentally during and after this difficult period, and how differently we will view our interpersonal relationships. As this is a new experience for all of us that we couldn’t see coming, it should make us appreciate and be much more grateful for many things in our life, with first and foremost our family’s and our own health. To have gratitude for our close ones, our family, our home, the fact that we have direct access to food and water and in general how privileged we are in basic aspects of life. Furthermore, after this period we will appreciate the importance of face to face interactions, of hugging our loved ones, of going out and spending quality time with our friends and generally we won’t be taking things for granted as we were doing before this occurred. We will value the gifts that life keeps giving us, apart from our health and well-being, such as a long walk in nature, a road trip, going to a restaurant or to a concert, travelling and many more that we cannot be doing right now.

I believe that this pandemic will have some detrimental effects on the health systems of affected countries, their economies, and our lives however it is definitely going to teach us many valuable assets. We just have to remind ourselves that this is going to end soon, we will eventually return to our everyday lives and that everything is going to be okay.

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