AirPods on Campus

AirPods on Campus

The 21st century has brought us wonders beyond our wildest imaginations.

For so long human life has flourished with sounds playing through our headphones via a device. But wait, have you ever stopped to think about your headphones? Sounds that are miraculously able to travel through a piece of wire into our ear canals allowing us to hear noises, whilst those around us remain oblivious to the noises singing in our ears and playing in our heads. How weird is this piece of technology? But we got used to it.

But then it got weirder – wireless technology meant sounds could then fly through the air into our ears through headphones placed directly over our heads. But that’s okay, because we got used to that too.

Oh but wait … it got weirder still.

When I now look around me all I see are what look like pieces of small sticks poking out of peoples’ ears. And let me tell you this, I can’t get used to this.

For some AirPods may project a sense of affluence among those who wear them, but for me they project a sense of amusement. Where I should see two pieces of wires extending down, instead remains nothing. Nothing at all. Almost seems as if someone has taken some scissors to them.

As AirPods swarm the campus, the tube and now life in general, that magical piece of technology that we once needed connecting us to our devices is now on the brink of extinction. But not if I can help it. I will wear mine proudly on campus as I travel to my lessons and hope those not converted yet will also do the same.

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