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The QM Salsa Society

The Salsa society at Queen Mary is a welcoming society to Latin dancers of all levels. It’s a perfect opportunity to let go of all the academic stress and be swept away by Latino beats. 

University is the ultimate place to test out new experiences from the wealth of clubs on offer. If salsa dancing is something you’ve never seen yourself doing but remain curious about what it might be like- now is the perfect time to try it out! Or if you’re already familiar with salsa dancing and absolutely must have your weekly dose of dancing- then this is the perfect society for you! 

We took into account everyone’s feedback last year and have introduced separate classes for dancers at different levels. We have two classes: for beginners and intermediates. If Salsa is something you’re trying for the first time, the beginners class is perfect to slowly familiarse yourself with the basic salsa steps, upon which more intricate moves will be built upon. Don’t worry about having little to none experience or even if you’re convinced you have two left feet, the salsa teacher will make sure you don’t fall behind and you’ll soon surprise even yourself at how good you have become! 

If you are already familiar with salsa, be it from previous dancing classes or because you habitually go on Latin nights out- then intermediate is for you. In intermediate we have the liberty to explore new thrilling moves on top of the already existing salsa knowledge. 

As the year goes by we will have several socials. We usually go as a group to bar salsa, where we can enjoy going to a bar as a group as well as participating in some of their salsa, Bachata or Kizomba lessons. Socials in bar salsa or with other universities are the perfect way to get acquainted with new styles of Latin dance and broaden your horizon in the Latin dance sphere- a unique opportunity to try out other styles of Latin dances and where your newfound passion might lay. If there is enough demand we might also introduce Bachata lessons as well as the already existing salsa lessons. 

The first social is already in the books and will be joint with Imperial Salsa Society. As well as a Halloween party and right at the horizon a glimmer of a potential Winter Salsa ball,in collaborating once more with Imperial Salsa, where other London University’s will be invited. 

Last year the highlights of the year were the socials with Goldsmiths university and Southampton university; The yearly Summer Ball, hosted by Oxford university where universities such as : Southern, Imperial, Birmingham and several others attended. The Summer ball is the pinnacle of the salsa events where you can come together with other universities from all over the country and dance and socialize the night away. 

So, make sure you give salsa a go, it is a unique opportunity to explore Latin dances and delve into Latin culture through their most iconic and recognised dance style-whether you’re a beginner or would like to improve upon your already phenomenal salsa background this society offers you an unmissable opportunity to participate in the wondrous world of salsa.

Carolina Soares is the Treasurer of the QM Salsa Society 

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