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The QM Lebanese Society

The Lebanese society welcomes all Queen Mary students to join this year and enjoy our numerous events! The committee and I are proud and excited to meet both the Lebanese and non-Lebanese students and we guarantee that the events taking place this year will be unmissable. The Lebanese society offers Queen Mary students a taste of the Lebanese culture which includes the delicious Lebanese cuisine, traditional Lebanese culture as well as Lebanon’s rich history.

The events taking place this year include Dabke night which is a prominent Lebanese dance that all Arabs know of! The workshop will include professional external dancers who will lead the dabke night. Today, the Dabke is a recognised dance which has spread throughout the entire Middle East and it is performed in big occasions such as weddings and parties. The meet and greet will be a great opportunity for Lebanese and non-Lebanese students to get to know each other while at the same time enjoying fine Lebanese food. Talk and connect with your fellow friends over hummus and taboule! Not to forget, our movie night taking place this year can guarantee original Lebanese comedy. Within this event there will also be food and drinks, so you should not worry about leaving the event hungry. One of our objectives for this year is to raise money for a Lebanese charity and we will be dedicating our games night for this great cause.

Last year was the year that the Lebanese society was founded, and it was successful in allowing international Lebanese students and British Lebanese students to connect and get to know one another. This year, this particular aim will continue as we want to make foreign Lebanese students to feel at home through the Lebanese orientated events. The importance that we place on welcoming non-Lebanese students into our society is a fundamental aspect which makes our society all-inclusive and diverse. As committee members, we place high importance on educating everyone about Lebanon and its diverse history.

Therefore, we will utilize this society in order to educate everyone about Lebanon and also host events that will promote modern Lebanese culture.

Another objective of ours is to gain more popularity amongst Queen Mary societies. Last year our society was up and running in semester two meaning that we did not have a full year to promote and carry out events. This year we have a very enthusiastic and hardworking team who are working to bring to you events that you will enjoy.  Our team have planned an exciting year ahead of us with events which will promote the Lebanese culture including a taste of the finest Arab cuisine, a political talk by the Ambassador Rami Mortada himself and finally collaborations with the Palestinian society, Arab society and other LebSocs over London.

Mohammed Issa is the Treasurer of the QMUL Lebanese Society

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