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Sustainable Student Living

Whether you’re looking to make big changes or little ones, there are things you can do to make your student life more sustainable. A sustainable way of living aims to avoid the depletion of natural resources to maintain an ecological balance. To achieve sustainability, we must all work together to create it.

Some of the ways to make your life more sustainable are simple and make a big difference. A reusable cup and bottle majorly cut down on packaging wastage and buying reusable drinks containers is a sure way to be greener without much output. The average
human needs to drink the contents of four water bottles a day, which is 1,460 bottles, even if you only used one bottle per day that’s still 365 bottles. In addition to this, buying water everyday costs money, but with a reusable bottle there is no money outlay
other than the first purchase price itself. So, not only is this a greener decision but it is cost
efficient too.

Another simple way to live more sustainably is to watch your water usage. By turning off the tap while you brush your teeth you will save 12 litres of water because on average a tap releases 6 litres of water a minute. Another easy way is to fill a washing up bowl when you do dishes, refreshing it if necessary. If it takes 5 minutes to do the washing that’s 30 litres of water down the plug, most of it is completely wasted. Whereas, a washing up bowl holds a fraction of that.

Reusable bags also go a long way to support a sustainable lifestyle. By bringing a reusable bag you are preserving some of the world’s natural resources. Nearly 2 million one use plastic bags are disposed of every minute and 1.7 billion tons of crude oil is burned each year to produce plastic bags alone. These are shocking figures that you can reduce by editing this one aspect of your life.

As we all know winter is creeping in and it’s time to put on the heating, but it may be wise to think a little more before you do this. It is worth considering if a jumper could aid your coldness first before switching on the heating. If not obviously proceed but be more sustainable about your choice. If the heating is on make sure the windows are shut so heat is not escaping and going to waste. Also, if you leave the house, make sure the heating is turned off because while it may be nice to return to a cosy home, the planet will benefit more if you make the eco choice of turning the heating off.

These are but a mere few of the changes that can be made to make your student life more sustainable. But if we all do them the planet will thank us.

If you are interested in Queen Mary’s sustainability and want to get involved, enquire with Green Mary Student Group here:

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