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QMSU President Talhah Atcha issues an invitation for a worldwide climate change protest

On September 20th a worldwide demonstration is taking place to do with Climate Change. We as a Students’ Union feel this is an issue that affects all student at QMUL and we want to do our bit for our future. On September 20th at 12pm, join us at Library Square & BLSA as we march onto the Green Bridge over Mile End Road and the Dental Hospital respectively to make our voices heard. Join us as we join the protests in Tower Hamlets and the wider world to demonstrate how important Climate Change is. Together we can get the University to Declare a Climate Change Emergency and bring us one step closer to a world where we, along with our children can live long healthy and sustainable lives.

5 Facts about Tower Hamlets and the World:
• In less than 12 years the global climate impact will be completely irreversible.
• Air quality and pollution is intrinsically linked with climate change
• Tower Hamlets currently has illegal levels of Nitrogen Dioxide and unacceptably high particulate matter.
• Children in Tower Hamlets have on average 5-10% smaller lungs than average
• 7.4% of all deaths in people over 30 years old are attributable to particulate air pollution

If issues like this interest you or you want to make our University more sustainable, join the Green Mary student group at

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