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QM Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Society

The Artificial Intelligence and Robotics society is one of the best places in the University for Students to meet, design, build, and program robots.

The society hosts weekly workshop sessions where we have projects for our members to participate in. These can range from building a robot hand out of basic materials to the design of a remote controlled Santa mannequin on wheels to be driven around campus. For our projects, we welcome people from all backgrounds and skill levels. We like to encourage a collaborative atmosphere where people can help each other and pool resources together to make amazing contraptions. Whether you already have a personal project you’d like to work on or want to join in on the society ran projects, the robotics society is the place for you.

The society also has access to a university workshop where you can work on your projects allowing access to facilities and services such as 3D printing, laser cutting, and many more. There will be an industrial robot arm available for some members to control and work with, plenty of components and sensors for testing and practice as well as various development boards such as RaspberryPi, Intel Edison, and Arduino.

The society also encourages competition, whether it be within the society such as our Robot Wars tournament or international competitions such as PiWars and Eurobots. If you join our teams you’ll be representing QMUL at robotics tournaments against people from all around the world.

This year there will be collaborative tutorials with the Design Engineering society to teach people how to 3D model their Robot Wars robot designs and how to make them.
Here are some of the events being held in the upcoming weeks:

Welcome back session
15/10/2019 – 18:30 Bancroft Building, Room 1.13a

Arduino Tutorial – Controlled Robot Hand Tutorials
Session 1 01/10/2019 – 18:30 Bancroft Building, Room 1.02.6
Session 2 08/10/2019  18:30 Bancroft Building, Room 1.02.6

Introduction to Robot Wars
15/10/2019 – 18:30 Bancroft Building, Room 1.02.6
The society is entering its second year of hosting its Robot Wars tournament where our members can design, build and compete with their own machines.

PiWars 2020
15/10/2019 – 18:30 Bancroft Building, Room 1.02.6
The society is also participating in PiWars – an international challenge-based robotics competition.

Skill level doesn’t matter but your willingness to learn does! We look forward to meeting you all!

This article was written by a member of the AI &Robotics Society

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