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Calling all theatre makers

Are you a playwright, director, actor, stage manager, technician, all of the above or none of these things but interested in finding out more? Then Queen Mary Theatre Company is the place for you! QMTC is one of the most active societies on campus, putting on over 30 shows a year alongside taking 4 shows to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (the world’s largest arts festival) every August. We’re always looking for new talent to showcase, whether you’ve written your own work, have an idea for an old show or a play that no one knows, fancy a go at acting or maybe you’re just interested in what happens behind the scenes. However, like any other society, we also hold multiple socials throughout the year, a chance for everyone in the company to socialise, relax and have a bit of a laugh.

Our first social of the year will be on Sunday 29th September (the day after our first festival) which will be a chilled out picnic in Victoria Park. We also host an annual Rocky Horror Screening on the Monday before Halloween, followed by a group outing to Monday’s Calling at Drapers, but this is just first semester, we have a lot more coming!

You may be thinking, ‘well, membership is £20, so what does that cover?’ To put on or be in any QMTC show, you must be a member. All members are able to pitch shows to put on, vote at pitch nights and get involved with a show. Pitch nights happen about a month before each festival, and it’s where all directors or playwrights interested in putting on a show around the theme of the festival pitch their idea to the rest of the company, who then vote for which shows will be put on. All technicians, stage managers and actors, plus anyone else involved in the making of a show must pay the £20 membership once the cast and crew has been decided (this is usually by or in the week following the casting meeting). Members also get exclusive discounts to all QMTC events and will be invited to attend various socials throughout the year, including our Annual General Meeting, where members decide what four shows will be taken to Edinburgh Fringe and next year’s committee will be announced, also voted for by our members. All members will also be invited to attend workshops under our DA (Developing Artists) Programme, which includes playwrighting, pitching and QMTC alumni panels who can answer your questions on breaking into the industry, amongst other topics.

So, you made it to the end of the article! The final question from us is, does any of this take your fancy? If so, check out our Freshers events and come and see us in person! They are as follows: Wednesday 25th September Welcome Meeting, Saturday 28th September – Sketch Festival, Sunday 29th September – Picnic in the Park

To find out more information about these events, check out our Facebook Page:

This article was written by a member of the QMTC

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