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A very serious approach to dealing with stress

Students are dumping, treading and trampling over typical, old fashioned ways of relieving stress. No more of the chamomile, green and peppermint teas.

There is the special regimen for stress. Firstly, get the finest and darkest chocolate. The result is spectacular. As we all are aware, eating is always a fantastic way to make us feel good and there’s nothing more soothing than consuming abundant quantities of chocolate.

Dark chocolate is well known in being more beneficial and healthier for us humans than all other produce, with all the endorphins and stuff. It’s better for the mind and heart, two essential parts of our bodies where stress strikes, so me and my friends always keep a good amount of it with us, in case of ‘high stress alerts’.

Many students have also been finding that having a deep conversation with their pet, sharing their thoughts and feelings has brought them great relief. So we might be underestimating the power of animals because they may just be the cure to stress. There is no excuse to not have that meaningful one to one, group conversation or even a full-scale conference; there’s always a group of ants walking by you can chat to. Or you could consult your teddies and find out what they have to say, so if you do not have one yet, I suggest you get one.

Music tends to help people focus and relax after an exhausting day of revision. Not the calm and relaxing type of music but rock and rap on loud speakers. This will help you imagine yourself as someone big and that can overcome anything that attacks you.

If these certified methods do not help, the only hope is to fly away from everything in a dragon onesies, burning all the stress that comes in your way and going to some place magical.




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