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A little about the QM Hindu Society

As a branch of the National Hindu Student Forum (NHSF) UK, NHSF Queen Mary Hindu Society is a student society that is motivated by the aim of creating a ‘home away from home environment’ for students as well as opening opportunities for social, sporting, cultural, intellectual and professional exploration.

We take social responsibility seriously which is why we are set to be the first Hindu society to make environmental and sustainability issues the focus of our fundraising and charity work, whilst still maintaining a strong emphasis on the community around us.

Each year, our calendar is filled with exciting events and activities and over the years we have continued to grow and have become trailblazers for creating innovative and engaging models of engaging with students. We boast a multitude of daily, weekly, monthly and termly activities and events, featuring sport, culture, education, and socialising. From spirited debates discussing current affairs, weekly charity work, playing competitive sports, to performing arts classes, we are one of the most active and diverse student societies on campus. Our calendar boasts a multitude of daily activities and events, encompassing culture, education, and socialising. From spirited debates dis-cussing current affairs, week-ly charity work, playing sports, to performing arts classes it is apparent that we provide a bank of outstanding opportunities. Our ultimate purpose is to protect, preserve, practice and promote Hindu Dharma among the student population, ‘Dharma’ being our values, morals and duties. Through our events, our members come together to learn more about their culture and themselves.

Semester one is extremely busy, especially in the early weeks of the year as we try to maximise our exposure to new students. We will be putting on several events in the first month of the year in order to help familiarise our new members with the society. Throughout these events we will be continually promoting our sponsors. The flagship event of semester one is the Diwali Ball, our biggest event of the year.

Semester two is less intense in terms of events and more about connecting with the members that we have gathered in the first semester, with weekly aarti meetings continuing in which we discuss and learn about key facts of Hinduism. There are many events in the semester to continue our goal of creating a diverse, exciting environment for our members at university whilst away from home. Our committee is a dedicated, hard-working group, who will work hard to help your improve student life at this university.

More information about our society can be found at:

Aman Kapoor is a member of NHSF at QMUL

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