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Why are so Many Grads Going into Recruitment?

There is one question that keeps coming up: What are you going to do when you graduate? It fills many of us with existential dread and nervous laughter. But for some, recruitment is the answer.

Recruitment is an industry worth £20 billion a year, which comes with glamorous benefits. Many recruitment companies offer holiday incentives, uncapped commission, and fast career progression. It’s no wonder so many graduates are joining the recruitment ranks when you can earn loads of money and a trip to New York for hitting targets.

If you don’t know what recruitment is, it’s what it says on the tin: recruiting. Every company requires new staff, and a recruiter facilitates that by sourcing those people.

There’s more to it than just making a deal and getting a paycheck, though. By placing someone in a job and helping them make the next step in their lives, recruiters have the ability to change someone’s life. It would be a great feeling to place an excellent candidate in a role they are well suited for.

Since every industry needs recruiters, you could be dealing with tech, education, health, science, literally anything you can think of. This is another draw for young people, since you could be a recruiter in an area of personal interest, or engage with something completely new and exciting.

Recruitment has a reputation for intensity. Hitting targets isn’t easy, so it requires a good work ethic. Graduates who’ve trudged through years of intensive study often possess the required determination.

It’s also a notoriously work hard, play hard career. Many recruitment companies reward their team with after work drinks and dinners to keep morale high, and if three years at university teaches you anything, taking a free pint and meal if you’re offered it is certainly one of them.

It isn’t necessary to have any prior experience, particular degree or grade to succeed. Sam Crisp, the Co-Founder of recruitment company Orama Solutions, says:
‘Recruitment is an accessible industry for graduates, as it doesn’t require certain qualifications to be successful. If you have the right mind-set, then you can be a successful recruiter, regardless of academic excellence.’

There’s high demand for graduate recruiters at the moment, with many recruitment companies seeking them specifically. This includes Sam’s company, as he describes graduates as ‘fearless and able to exceed all expectations.’

It makes sense that recruitment is lots of students’ post-university plan.

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