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Meet Charlotte Moore – Candidate for Student Media Officer

Why are you running for Student Media Officer?

Who is a student media officer: an individual who is excited about engaging with media outlets and intertwine different aspects of university life. Aspects would include; the student population, the locals, and the younger generation in the area: to create a stronger and inspiring the wider community. This is what I see a great Student Media Officer doing and this is what I’m aiming for.

If you become student media officer, what sort of changes would you like to bring to QMSU student media?

I would like to associate more with the wider public and locals in the area: focusing on what students can get from Tower Hamlets, as well as improving the ties and connections of the younger generation that live in the borough. I believe that we should reach out to have more opportunities for students to feel like Queen Mary is their home; this can encourage more relevant content creation. To create a more interesting and interactive university experience, as opposed to just studying.

How do you think you could increase interest and engagement with student media at QMUL?

Advertise and create more opportunities/events that are affordable or free for students to get involved in. These opportunities could be used to broadcast debate, trigger some thoughtfulness and thinking, raise awareness or simply brighten someone’s day. I would also like to focus on media related training programmes that have recently been left out – it could start from basic introductory lessons on Photoshop to photography skills.

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

A deer! To hop and gallop across a woodland or forest, and graciously trot across a beautiful landscape. I believe deer are a great icon for team work and elegance.

For live election coverage follow our election blog and The Print on Twitter.

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