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Meet the candidates running for VP Welfare

Why are you running?

Shamima Akter

One of the biggest reasons for running for a full-time position at the SU, would be my experience this year as Welfare Representative (Mile End). I’ve had the opportunity to understand how the Welfare Zone works and through the campaigns carried out this year, I’ve been inspired to pursue making more change in the coming year, through the position of VP Welfare.


Vanieztia Inniss-Rose

I’m running because I think there needs to be more care pathways surrounding mental health, especially for those who have friends and family with poor mental health. This could be achieved by clearer sign posting and more tailored guidance for students. I’d like to implement a welfare adviser as someone for people to talk to about bullying in clubs or on courses. I have a lot of ideas that I believe will help improve the lives of QMUL students, and I know I am confident and determined enough to make them happen.

How would you describe your leadership style?

Shamima Akter

My leadership style is very flexible, in the sense that I’m good at listening to those around me and those I work with and I take their opinions into consideration before making decisions. I believe in teamwork and working with others in the welfare zone really requires a sense of understanding and respect towards each representative, which I believe I can maintain.

Vanieztia Inniss-Rose

Having worked in customer service for six years, I would say caring but decisive. This will be essential for the role of VP Welfare, as I know I’ll need compassion when listening to ideas and concerns, and drive to achieve my goals.

What do you see as the biggest challenges currently facing the Students’ Union or Queen Mary more broadly?

Shamima Akter

I think a lack of student engagement is one of the major issues facing the SU, it is important that the people we represent, are the ones who we hear from and their opinions and needs are the ones we value and act on.

Vanieztia Inniss-Rose

The SU still has a long way to go in improving its communication with students, this is clear from how few students are aware of the advice and counselling service, and the disability and dyslexia service. If it were advertised who was eligible for these services, I know students would feel much more supported.

If you could invite five people, dead or alive to a dinner party, who would you invite?

Shamima Akter

Mehdi Hasan, Akala, Michelle Obama, Jada Smith, Khaled Hosseini – imagine the conversations that would take place on this table!

Vanieztia Inniss-Rose

Barack Obama – He’d be a great conversationalist with anyone.

Ibtihaj Muhammad – As the first Muslim American to wear a Hijab in the Olympics, and the first female Muslim American to win a medal at the Olympics, I’d love to speak to her about the oppression she faced on her journey.

Stephen Hawking – As an astrophysicist, I would love to talk about the universe with him.

Marie Curie – I would love to speak to her about being a female scientist, and especially about her winning the Nobel prize twice.

Mary Queen of Scots – I would love to hear her thoughts on modern day feminism.


Ruohan Wu and Sumaya Abdulkadir are also running however The Print is still waiting for responses from them. Information on other candidates:

For live election coverage follow our election blog and The Print on Twitter.

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