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Tom Longbottom: “We need a brand that retains the identity of Barts and The London”

In a recent interview with The Print, BLSA President Tom Longbottom spoke about coming to a compromise with Queen Mary after students raised their concerns over the rebranding of Barts and The London.

Longbottom said, “I think we need a brand that retains the identity of Barts and The London – within the umbrella of Queen Mary. We’ve tried to come up with some alternatives, tried to compromise, tried to keep it constructive and it’s going in the right direction.”

He added, “Nobody is denying the fact that BL is a part of Queen Mary. We’ve been a faculty of Queen Mary since 1995 and it is important that is recognised.”

Speaking with Founder of The Dental Mirror James Coughlan, Longbottom also talked about the Students’ Union elections, what Tom does on an average day, and safety on the Whitechapel campus.

Watch full interview here:

Thank you to the Queen Mary students who submitted their questions for ‘Queen Mary Questions’ through our form. Although we did not ask all of them, we tried to ask questions related to recurring themes we saw.

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