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Redwan Shahid: “We’ve had great success with student interns”

In a recent interview with The Print, Vice President Education at QMSU Redwan Shahid expressed his delight with the success that has been had with the paid interns working on student experience at Queen Mary.

Shahid said, “It was something I suggested to senior management and they were quite on board with it. So instead of getting external consultants to come in and do research, we have talented students with lived experiences who already know what it is like being a student at Queen Mary.”

He added, “We advertised 11 jobs for a week and we had over 250 applicants. In the future they [senior management] want to streamline this so every year interns are looking at what issues Queen Mary students are facing.”

Speaking with Editor-in-Chief of The Print Kerry Maxwell, Shahid also talked about whether there is inherent racism in the Students’ Union, study space, and the work that has been done working with Queen Mary’s Vice Principal Education.

Watch full interview here:

Thank you to the Queen Mary students who submitted their questions for ‘Queen Mary Questions’ through our form. Although we did not ask all of them, we tried to ask questions related to recurring themes we saw.

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