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Note from the Editors – Issue 27

So… 2019 is well underway. We cannot believe we are bringing out our third issue of the year. Time is flying…even if it felt like January didn’t!

But we at The Print are putting those January blues to bed. In our latest issue, you will find us focusing on the new and exciting prospects of 2019.

Sam reflects on the ups and downs of 2018 in his review in our Opinion section, with a push on what we want to see in 2019. It’s a fascinating account of what we saw last year, and what we hope to see next… will it be a tuition fee review, as Shaun reports on in our News section? Or will it be an Academy Awards ceremony that highlights the talent of ethnic minorities in the film industry, and, in turn, hands out awards to more diverse individuals accordingly? We will have to wait and see!

It’s not only about what’s to come. Alex, our Science and Technology editor, provides us with an article offering insight into what we have already managed to achieve in 2019 in the realms of science. From research into Alzheimer’s all the way to the far side of the moon, these past few months have been somewhat groundbreaking on a technological level. Alex will tell you everything you need to know!

But let’s forget about outer space for a bit and focus on what we can expect this year a little bit closer to home. We’ve got more information regarding the upcoming Queen Mary Students’ Union elections in our News Section, and how you can get involved! If you want your voice heard, fresh elections for a fresh start seems the perfect way to kick off a new year. And if a visit from Bill Gates is anything to go by, 2019 is looking extremely promising for QMUL. If you weren’t one of the lucky ones who managed to swipe a ticket, don’t fear! Millie updates you on everything in our News section. Be sure to go and give it a read.

We’re feeling pretty excited about what’s to come this year, and we hope that you are too! We aimed to break through those January blues and revision stresses by bringing you an issue filled with excitement, anticipation, and the promise of a fantastic 2019. We hope you enjoy our third issue!

P.S. – as always, we would love to hear from you. Drop us a line:


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