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Ahmed Mahbub: “Student Council isn’t working as well as we thought it would”

In a recent interview with The Print, President of QMSU Ahmed Mahbub agreed with the frustrations many have had about Student Council meetings.

Mahbub said, “The SU is currently undergoing a democracy review. The other sabbatical officers and me are working on an action plan of what we want the Students’ Union to look like in terms of democracy.”

He added, “Accountability should be at the forefront of what we do. It’s the pillar of our democracy and we need to engage more students with what we do.” The democracy review with suggested changes will be put to members of Student Council at the meeting on 28 March at 6:30pm in Blomeley Room 1.

Speaking with Editor-at-Large of The Print Liam Pape, Mahbub also talked about freezing fees for international students, partnership projects with local schools in Bow, and the transnational education student experience.

Watch full interview here:

Thank you to the Queen Mary students who submitted their questions for ‘Queen Mary Questions’ through our form. Although we did not ask all of them, we tried to ask questions related to recurring themes we saw.

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