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The great debate: Hacking… is it all that bad?

A new crime has been targeting universities and colleges: student hacking. Tragic. Who would have thought? In this new era where technology runs the world, it seems important to shine a light on this technological scourge.

It also highlights the main fact that student are now using tech 3.0 tools to get a pass. Is using ransom to negotiate a bad grade
just to get a pass really that different from harassing a lecturer and doing a PowerPoint presentation on why the grade should be

A main criminal activity is actually hacking servers to access tuition fees. Well, again is the “crime factor” debatable. What if the lecture is really bad? Or if you decide university is not for you but you already paid?

I mean really, hacking makes so much more sense than switching credits or asking for a refund. Why spend many hours running after an administrator around campus when you can do it yourself?

Some of you might see it as putting into practice what you just learned in your Computer Sciences course and want to make
your lecturer proud.

My main question is, can’t IT services accept last minute FAE download amendments after the deadline? Most of the time they are minor changes, but it still penalizes us.

And, let’s face it, we all forget to put the word count on our essays.

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