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Perspective: the key to become the master of your own life

Why having a positive attitude and cutting ties with toxic people is so important

Our perspective plays such an important role in our daily lives. The way in which we view certain situations affects how we feel and consequently shapes our reality. When we change the way we look at situations, only then will we experience a major shift in our lives. This is because when we train our minds to see the positives from situations we thought we might never overcome, that is when we realise the universe is actually consistently working in our favour. Our perspective ultimately transforms the way we view the process. So, once we learn to grasp the concept of ‘whatever is meant to be will be’, that is when we can relax and surrender everything to the universe. Next time you feel as though you are going through a rough patch, ask yourself: ‘what can I learn from this?’, as opposed to ‘why is this happening to me?’.

Once I changed my perspective from ‘why is this happening to me’ to ‘what can I learn and take from this’, I was liberated and a lot happier. Rather than dwelling and feeling sorry for myself, I was constantly learning and growing from these experiences and you should too.

Our perspective is so important because when this changes, your entire mindset shifts! Once you master taking the positive from what may be considered as negative, your response to whatever life may throw at you changes too. We all end up where we are supposed to be. All these hurdles and setbacks we experience are here to make us stronger. Whatever you may be going through right now—whatever that struggle may be, it is here to teach you something. If you are experiencing a sort of pain, take it as a sign of growth and truly believe that you will be stronger in a few weeks, months or years’ time. Everything is an opportunity; we can either sit and dwell on things happening in our lives, or we can change them. We have a lot more power over the affairs of our lives than we can begin to imagine. Take a good look at the people you surround yourself with and your immediate environment.

Do you feel your energy is being drained when you are around certain people? Are you surrounded by toxicity? Learn to remove yourself from these types of situations and the people who brew them. Do not surround yourself with people just because you want to have ‘friends’. If there is anything or anybody disrespecting or hurting you in any way, learn to let go of it and rediscover yourself.

Besides, our surroundings also play such a vital role in how we feel. So, having a clean environment is very important too. I find decluttering often to be highly beneficial. If you have clutter lying around, there is hardly any space for new positive energy to flow. If you are in an untidy environment, you probably find it difficult to focus, and your mind gets distracted easily. I strongly believe in the saying; ‘a decluttered room is a decluttered mind!’

Even if this means getting rid of the old clothes you no longer wear, or donating things you no longer use to charity, not only will this give you a sense of fulfilment from reaching out to the less privileged, but you would have gotten rid of unwanted and unused
energy that is taking up so much unnecessary space. You will have such a refreshed, abundant feeling!

Sophia Dearest is a second-year English student at Queen Mary University of London. Her book ‘Perspective’ is available from Amazon.

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