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Black History Month: When we actually start caring about black people

October is ‘Black History Month,’ or for thirty one days people are going to embrace the temporary awareness of a part of history which should be integrated all year long.

Black History Month is rhymed with events for everyone to get involved, but every year we see the same outcome. Once a year,
white people suddenly have that one black friend, eat jerk chicken and only after trying plantains for the first time, will have strong opinions about how to pronounce it.

Social media gets filled with posts and captions to show the world love and support for Black History Month. Also #Wakanda becomes viral again. It is like travelling but staying here at the same time, just safer, try the exotic experience everyone is scared of at other times of the year.

Black History Month is much more than that. It is a step towards inclusion of Black History. For this part of History should be recognised with respect. But the problem with Black History Month goes beyond this. It also illustrates how people’s interest is as flighty as all trends on instagram and snapchat. For some, BHM means and represents a step towards a true recognition of historical facts which have been hidden, dismissed, and considered irrelevant.

Discussion, not DMs. Open minds and not social media exposure. However, sadly, still no cure for egocentric and selfish people. October is Black History Month, and for this minority of people we say do not worry, we know it is very much about you.

Next stop, Diwali.

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