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From London to Latin America… studying abroad

Queen Mary’s study abroad opportunities.

Recently, Queen Mary has been credited for establishing new links between universities from around the world. This year, the International Exchange Programme team has paired up with universities from Indonesia (BINUS), Malaysia (University of Malaya), Japan and Chile. Furthermore, Professor Colin Grant, Vice-President (international), had attended a reception to further links with universities in Colombia, including ‘Pontificia Universidad Javeriana’, one of the top universities in the country.

Situated in such a diverse city, with over 300 languages spoken in London alone, Queen Mary provides an endless supply of cultures and traditions that students can immerse themselves in. However, the idea of providing students with the opportunity to travel and gain valuable skills from this is still a prime focus. According to James Connington of The Telegraph, ‘it’s far easier to identify the skills you are lacking when you step outside your comfort zone – and going abroad to study is a fairly serious step.’

Queen Mary offers 4 different study abroad programmes: the International Exchange Programme, Erasmus+ within Europe,
Erasmus+ beyond Europe and Summer Programmes. In the Erasmus scheme, you are eligible for funding to help pay for accommodation and living costs.

If you wish to apply or find out more about studying abroad, visit the team of the International Exchange Programme and speak to staff about who to get into contact with.

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