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Note from the Editor: Issue 26

So… we’re looking a bit different!

We’ve had a full-on makeover. From our font to our layout, we decided that it was about time we shook things up a little bit. And if we dare toot our own horn (*toot toot!), we are absolutely loving it!

But don’t just take our good looks at face value. There’s a whole lot going on in this issue… we’re beauty and brains over here!

We may only be a few weeks into the first term, but a whole lot has been going on. We’ve covered everything from the Queen Mary Students’ Union autumnal elections to Black History Month, from the controversial Afghan society group chat screenshots that emerged this past month to the Students’ Union’s new ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy. So, if you feel like you have missed out on all the gossip around campus, this is the place to get your fix.

In our Science and Technology section, editor Alex has explored why your supposedly ethical food choices may be a bit less eco-friendly than you think. A really interesting read, especially for all of us environmentally-conscious readers… we should start taking note of where our food really comes from, which includes foods we use as substitutes for animal products. In a similar vein, Features editor Becca discusses ‘the Plastic Problem’ and how we as students can cut down our purchasing of plastic.

Contributor, Lara, brings to light the changing relationship between the fashion industry and Alopecia in our Features section. This piece blew us away, especially the overall message of empowerment and the confident statement of being beautifully bald #AlopeciaisFashion.

You have all of this to look forward to reading, and so much more. We really wanted to push the boat out with this paper with both design and content, and we feel as though we have accomplished just that.

We hope you enjoy our second issue of The Print!

P.S. – as always, we would love your feedback. Anything you would change?
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