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Enormous ‘nerve cell’ constructed on Whitechapel Campus

I know a structure that will get on your nerves…

Construction has finished on a 23-metre long 10-metre high ‘Neuron Pod’ which will be used to engage pupils from local schools with the study of medicine.

The structure, described as an ‘informal science learning centre’, is comprised of 13 large steel sections and cost £1.9 million.

Centre of the Cell, the science education centre behind the project, aims to inspire the next generation of scientists and healthcare professionals. Most of their resources are online however the ‘Neuron Pod’ will be a physical space to host live science shows, workshops and debates. Queen Mary says the cell will boost public engagement.

Centre of the Cell’s Director, Professor Fran Balkwill said, “We are all very excited about Neuron Pod – this unique building will allow Centre of the Cell to fulfil its potential and offer so much more to our visitors. By providing an additional multi-functional space for live science shows, hands-on workshops, experiments, debates, films and exhibitions, we will continue to communicate the latest advances in medical research and maximise the number of people engaged with the subject.”

Image – aLL design

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