Come fly with me

Come fly with me

Why travelling is essential.

As summer slowly draws to a close, with the days seeming shorter ands the nights longer, one can only reminisce on hot days spent relaxing in the sun. The threat of sunburn and the somewhat unbearable nights spent tossing and turning seem a small sacrifice to pay for bright, long days that fuel adventure. Like myself, a lot of you may have spent your summer travelling. With the final submission of that essay you spent what felt like an eternity on, or sitting the last exam of the year, us student were left free. Free from the stresses of university deadlines. Free from the pressure of finding new ways to reinvent the one and only pasta dish you can be bothered to cook for yourself. With a carefree attitude and months of unassigned time our disposal, many of us found ourselves boarding a plane, coach or train heading to new destinations. If you’ve caught the travelling bug, or didn’t manage to get further than you home town this summer but are itching for the opportunity, here are five reasons why you should:

1. Self-discovery

As cliché as it sounds, travelling is a great way to explore and learn about yourself. 3ing thrown into new environments and introduced to different cultures, people and ways of living really opens your eyes to life’s possibilities. Living in London all my life, a fast-paced, competitive city, getting away from it all brought on the realisation that there are other ways to live. It allows for you to question what it is you actually want from life and the kinds of experienced you’d like to have.

2. New culture

Running off my first point, finding your ways to new destinations exposes you to culture. There’s nothing like experiencing first hand a way of life nothing like your own. Trying our foods, music, clothing, festivals is all a part of this authentic experience. You come away from it a more rounded, educated and understanding person having opened yourself up to the former.

3. Making memories

When traveling I find you take something special away from each experience. With each place you go comes its own set of memories and, whether travelling alone or with family or friends, each destination becomes memorable in its own way. Where possible take a camera with you, a simple disposable will do, and capture it all. The wild night out you had with the lads in Ibiza, seeing the Mona Lisa for the first time in the Louvre or throwing to simply throwing a ball about in the ocean with your best friends. Each moment has its comes with its own moment of happiness.

4. Happiness 

It is very easy to become comfortable, to believe that we are completely content with what we have at home because it’s all we may know. Seeing the world completely opens these boundaries and so much joy is to be had from being thrown into to completely new settings. Happiness is born from adventure and travelling, as far as to the other side of the world or within the confined of the UK, can be the experience of a lifetime.

5. Experience

The internet and social media allow us to communicate and connect with the rest of the world without having to even having to leave the comfort of our homes. Right now, you could type ‘Italy’ into google and thousands of pictures, articles and videos would instantly be at your disposal. The news keeps us informed on what’s happening in the rest of the world but none of these technological advances in our communication can rival seeing the real thing. Travelling allows one to really live, we see the world through our own eyes rather than a computer screen. 

So those are my top 5 reasons for why you should get up and go explore the world. It may seem life bad timing as the university has only just begun but who’s to say a weekend getaway is off limits? Plenty of Queen Mary’s societies even offer opportunities to go to other countries; now you really have no excuse!

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