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Boris’ last ditch effort

Another year in British politics, another year that former foreign secretary Boris Johnson isn’t leading the country.

In a predictable turn of events Johnson resigned from his post after Prime Minister Theresa May introduced the Chequers Brexit proposal stating that the “Brexit dream is dying” and should the Chequers proposal is to be implemented, Britain “would be reduced to the status of a colony” . Which leads me to wonder if he knows what a colony really is. The “Brexit dream” was of course instigated by a Tory government through the making of false promises and by profiting from discriminatory rhetoric that  was supported all too eagerly by Mr. Johnson among others. We now have substantial evidence to theorise that the Leave Campaign cheated its way to victory and no longer does the majority of the country want a Brexit. It’s a dream that only Mr. Johnson has along with Nigel Farage but that’s not good company to keep.

Seeing that this political dream of his might not come into fruition the way he imagined it, Johnson is keen to make another dream come true: becoming Prime Minister. Known for his ambition and opportunism, his name has come up multiple times as a possible party leader and this time is no different as there’s talk of a vote of no confidence in the hopes of removing May from the helm of the party. The prime challengers appear to be Johnson followed by Sajid Javid and of course Conservative darling Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Johnson’s strategy comes across as a riff on Trump’s populist playbook. In the past month since his resignation, he has tried to capitalise on nationalist sentiment by attacking women who wear Burkas, characterising them as “letter boxes” and comparing them to “bank robbers”. There is also the rumour that he has met with Stephen K. Bannon, former Trump adviser who seeks to strengthen right wing parties all over Europe. Speculation aside, Johnson was recorded praising Trump, saying that he was coming around to appreciate his methods. Thus it isn’t shocking that he is trying to emulate his idol’s divisive strategies. If anything though, his efforts seem to be wasted as he has been branded “pound-shop Donald Trump”. And therein lies the issue; the fact that he is of the belief that being blatantly racist because it’s “in” now or simply being a true racist who has decided to be loud because it tends to win you presidential elections nowadays.

Boris’ last ditch effort for PM is so transparently shallow, lacking the gravitas of a true politician with a will to do good for his constituents that it should, and hopefully will, fail. His destructionist behaviour has him on track to go down in history as one of the most despised MPs this country has ever elected. He should consider himself lucky if he is only remembered as the “bicycle guy”.

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