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A Survival Guide to Freshers’ Week

– Don’t be afraid to get social. Go to Drapers. Drink the red beer (if you dare). Dance to generic grime and wind up in one of Mile End’s finest chicken shops. Alternatively, if that sort of thing isn’t for you, join a club or sport society. Take plenty advantage of all the opportunities presented to you to get social. It’s so worth it!

Download UBER onto your phone. Right now. Today. This second. No-one – believe me, no-one – can be dealing with black cabs and their extortionate prices if you make the decision to venture off campus this week. UBER will save your life (and your bank balance).

– Even though your parents have probably already lectured you on the whole ‘eating-properly-and-no-Belvita’s-don’t-count’ thing in order to keep healthy, you won’t. Let’s face it: you will get freshers’ flu. And you will feel like you’re dying – no joke. If you can manage the odd celery stick and banana between Dixies and KFC…amazing. If not…stock up on Beroca.

– Leading on from this, actually getting to know your flatmates is pretty helpful, particularly if you are suffering with fresher’s flu. Speaking from experience, those shy offers of tea-making and Lucozade-buying will most likely end up in you all forming an indivisible bond like no other. These guys will see you at your worst…your stained pants-fluffy-unicorn-slippers-unbrushed-hair kind of worst. It’s this kind of rock-bottom that the best friendships are formed from.

– On a practical note, please stay safe. As a fresher, it’s most likely your first time living away from home and – by all means – take advantage of it. Have fun. Go out every night if you wish…no one will bat an eyelid. Eat cold pizza for breakfast…you certainly won’t get any disapproving looks. However, keep your wits about you. Look out for one another. If you feel uncomfortable in any kind of situation, just remove yourself. Freshers’ Week is most definitely a fun experience, but don’t forget to keep yourself, and those around you, safe.


Image – Anthony Quintano / Flickr

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