Almost one third of SU election candidates withdrew their applications

Almost one third of SU election candidates withdrew their applications

A recent summary of the 2017-18 Students’ Union elections revealed that out of the 78 candidates who submitted forms to run for a position on next year’s Student Council, only 53 candidates were still standing by election day.

As for the reason why 25 candidates withdrew, a source at QMSU speculated, “We think this is related to the ‘nominate a friend’ scheme. Students would get nominated for roles by friends and then get an email from the SU saying something along the lines of ‘We think you would be a good candidate’. They would be flattered and apply – only realising later what the roles fully entail.”

Making Student Council appeal to students – and continue to appeal to students even when they know what it actually is – is a problem the marketing team at QMSU will have to solve before next year’s elections. If the dropout rate of candidates does not speak enough to this fact, the summary of the SU elections was due to be discussed at the last Student Council however the meeting did not go ahead after failing to reach quorum. According to Union by-laws, over half of the elected body are required for council meetings to commence. The last scheduled meetings for April and May attracted fewer than 20 students each so did not take place.

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