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UNICEF Society – For Every Child in Danger

UNICEF was established in 1946 to ensure all children after World War II are protected. Some people don’t realize how dangerous the world we live in is; where children constantly face violence, hunger and are even forced to flee their homes. Children are denied education, dying of easily preventable diseases, and sometimes are even unable to access clean water. UNICEF aims to ensure that all children are protected, educated, and vaccinated.

As an on-campus society, we organise events which help fundraise in order to provide a better life for these vulnerable children, and also campaign to help UNICEF raise money to ensure governments keep refugee children safe. So far this year, we have saved over 900 children around the world, and are ranked 2nd in London in terms of funds raised, and 8th in the UK, which is an amazing achievement!

With your help, UNICEF can continue to protect children from trafficking, provide medical care, clean water, and campaign for the safety of refugee children. We continue to replace fear with hope, and help give children their childhoods back, by always responding quickly, wherever and whenever disaster strikes. As an on-campus society, we aim to help UNICEF promote long-term rehabilitation and improve children’s living conditions. So the next time you see us around, be sure to come over and say hello!

For any enquiries or if you’re interested in getting involved, please visit our Facebook or Instagram or email us at

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