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Support Structure: The Nostalgia of a Columnist

Is this the end? It could well be. As I sit writing this, it is still a cold evening at the beginning of February. However, I am informed by my editor that by the time this issue of The Print is on campus, it will be (a probably still cold and rainy) March. Usually at that point, the wild student begins turning their thoughts to summer, facing final deadlines from spring term, preparing for the onslaught of summer revision by getting their early panic attacks out the way, cramming weeks of seminars into all-night writing sessions, and finally venturing into that mysterious building known as the library.

It may seem like ages until the end of term for you readers. However, for me, this issue also signifies the (almost) end of this column. This will be the penultimate physical issue of The Print this year, and while I am sure these incoherent ramblings I call a column will continue online after the last issue, (or at least in my head after The Print rip the opportunity to write them from my cold dead hands), this represents a moment of reflection for your favourite columnist.

Personally, I have always found it difficult to try and understand what happened in a year at university. They always go so fast and there seems to be no order and reason to why things happen. The end is also difficult to mark – as people finish and start to go back home at different times. It’s not like school where everyone celebrated the end of term by drinking to forget together. How do we mark this occasion (that is, if you want to mark it at all)? I think the key, personally, is to take it slowly. Rather than being overwhelmed that another year is over, just relax in the feeling of actually submitting that final essay or finishing that last exam. Don’t immediately worry about what you’re going to do next.

If you want to go out and celebrate hard, that’s great, but equally wanting to take time to be alone and absorb it all by yourself is fine. You’ve put in the hard work and deserve not to stress about that. Thank you to anyone who has kept up with this column. I hope that this and any other advice I gave out this year was helpful – after all, what is a column if not a support structure. See you next month for the final one.


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