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Snow Sports – More than just a ski trip

Queen Mary Snowsports is a club founded by a group of students who bonded over their passion for snowsports. Our club has developed at a rapid pace over the past few years, going from a small ski trip society to a fully established sports club. We welcome members of all skiing and snowboarding abilities, from first years to masters students and from a wide range of degrees and nationalities. We have people who have been born and raised on the mountain and people who have never skied before in their life. As a club, we aim to include everyone who wants to join at any point of the year and from any type of experience.

The club acquired its fame through our infamous ski trip to the French Alps. However, we do much more than just a ski holiday once a year. Our race team, developed over the past four years, have achieved incredible results. We compete both on dryslope and indoor, training weekly at a very low price thanks to financial help provided by the Student Union. Our main competition in Edinburgh, the British University Dryslope championship, engages both the competitive and social side of snowsports. We spend a weekend in Scotland with 25 of QMSSfinest, among 1200 students from across the country, watching some of the best student athletes in freestyle including GB team freestylers – and competing against the best teams in the UK.

We also take part in local dryslope races near London, where anyone, of any level, is welcome to take part. Our racers, however, have outshone everyone in the Southern League at regionals, with our Board Team coming first and collecting a total of five medals individually. We were also victorious, at the inter-university race during our ski trip, against the other ten universities present, where our boys surprised us all by winning Gold. Along with racing, we do freestyle which we have increasingly tried to promote, this year winning our first medal, achieved by one of our top freestylers. We run biweekly evenings, where anyone who wants to try freestyle for the first time or improve their skills with rails and trick can join for a subsidised session.

But what if I have never skied before? We cover that too! We run a range of lessons on both on dryslope and indoor, very cheaply, for complete beginner skiers and boarders. However, our subsidised skiing is not limited to racing, freestyle or lessons; for those who just wish to get back on skis, we offer great value recreational sessions indoor. Our aim as a club, and as part of the snowsports community, is to promote skiing and snowboarding and make it accessible to everyone, regardless of their background. Making snowsports affordable is a challenge, given the nature of the sport, but our goal is to allow students to try something new at university and to pursue a passion they thought they could not do in London.

Our legendary ski trip is the highlight event of the year; previous trip locations include Val Thorens, Val DIsere, Alpe DHuez, Les Duex Alpes and Tignes, which have all been home to unforgettable memories. During our most recent trip this past Christmas, we were blessed with perfect snow and weather conditions, with the most snowfall the alps have had in years. The bars were great, the skiing was better, the people were just the best crowd we could have hoped for.

Where are we off to next year? Follow us on social media to find out! Our Facebook and Instagram pages are regularly updated by our dedicated media secretary to keep all our members informed on upcoming events. Our media secretary also produces all our videos and photographic content, through which you can get a taste of what snowsports is like.

We run socials almost every week, where you can come meet our committee and wonderful members. If you want to join at any time in the year from September through June, come down to our next social. Whether it’s our session before Hail Mary, a house party or a curry night, everyone is welcomed to join. Our turnout this past year has been incredible and we all had the opportunity to meet so many brilliant people. We have worked on joint socials with fellow snowsports clubs from other London universities to produce the best nights out. In October, we took over Corsica Studios for an unforgettable night.

Come and see what were all about! Whether you send us a message on Facebook, an email or stop one of the committee members around campus for a chat, we welcome absolutely everyone.

Visit our website, Facebook or Instagram, or send us an email at

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