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My Big Fat Halal Blog’s Success

Ayesha Razak was recently nominated for a Student Enterprise Award for her blog, My Big Fat Halal Blog.

Looking over her blog will make your mouth water with the colourful, eye-catching pictures and thoughtful articles.

When The Print asked her about the origins of My Big Fat Halal Blog, Ayesha traced her blog to the beginning of her university career. The idea rose from a general sense of frustration in the lack of halal food options in London. For such a food-oriented city, there seemed to be a shocking lack of options for Ayesha and her friends. Ayesha is now in the business of writing up ‘restaurant reviews, recipes and halal food travel guides’, and is doing so successfully. She is encouraged by the increasing number of resources now available to people searching for halal food.

Ayesha manages to regularly update her blog with quality content and pursue her studies as a medical student with apparent ease. Yet, she is still a full-time student and she has admitted that it is difficult to keep up with university and the blog at times. However, her passion is evident and motivates her to juggle both commitments with composure.

She is aided by what she refers to as her ‘trusty weapon’: Instagram. Social media is instrumental in discovering new and exciting halal options across London. Not only does she use Instagram as a tool to fuel her blog content, but it also serves as a vital platform to reach out to her almost 31,000 followers.

Indeed, Ayesha attributes much of her success to her close relationship to her followers, communicating with them like they are her friends. She is particularly proud of creating a welcoming ‘home for an entire halal community’. Scrolling through My Big Fat Halal Blog’s Instagram confirms this, as Ayesha responds to many of the comments with thoughtful and charming replies.

There is an assumption that students exist on instant noodles, pasta and baked beans. But Ayesha disagrees with these stereotypes. Ayesha mentioned her own love of baking and cooking to argue that students do not get enough credit for their culinary abilities. The fact that My Big Fat Halal Blog contains so many delicious recipes is evidence that students can cook and is an encouragement for those who can’t.

My Big Fat Halal Blog is a lovely, hunger-inducing collection of food recommendations. Ayesha has a personable writing style, inviting the readers to explore the lively variety of halal foods available on their own doorstep. 


CORRECTION: In issue 23 of The Print, it was stated that Ayesha Razak had won a Student Enterprise Award. However this should have said she had been nominated. The award ceremony had not taken place yet.

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