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Kickstart your career with QM Banking and Finance Society

Are you struggling with deciding your career path or finding trouble going through the application process? Want to expand your network in the banking industry? 

We’re a student run society with committee members going through similar challenges. We’re here to organise many exciting events and talks to keep you motivated and guide you to find the right career path for yourself.

Just because it’s the Banking and Finance society, doesn’t mean the doors are shut for those from other departments. If you think banking is the sector you want to get into, or if you want to get deeper knowledge into the finance department, this society is the perfect fit for you. you can find opportunities for a huge range of jobs, from Investment Banking to Asset Management, from Technology division to Sales and Marketing. We aim to get you acquainted with a variety of different opportunities within the finance and more specifically the banking sector of the industry.

Our society holds weekly events focused on specific topics within the banking sector, and monthly events with professional guest speakers who share their experiences during their journey to guide you. Many even offer services exclusive to the society such as free sessions in mock assessment centres or even a chance to secure a summer internships or graduate programmes. 

Also, after every event we hold a networking session, and remember guys, networking is key! Talk to our guest speakers, get all the advice you need, network with your peers and you may find different pathways and options you may not know existed. Also, networking with like-minded people will only boost your confidence and enhance your skills. Thus, we also aim to help students build a professional network and provide our members with a platform to develop their interpersonal and relationship management skills.

Furthermore, to help you prepare for the application process, we provide help with CVs, cover letters and mock interviews for all our members. And as mentioned, QMBFS is a student operated society so feel free to come and talk to us about any concerns you may have regarding careers or even university in general, we would be more than happy to help our peers!

For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at

To find out more, visit our website, Facebook or Instagram.


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