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Comrades Café

Looking for a another place to get caffeinated and work on revisions or catch up with friends? There’s a new coffee shop in Mile End that’s calling your name. The International Comrades Coffee Shop opened in mid-October of 2017. Located right around the corner from Mile End Station, next to Mile End bus stop A, it’s in a prime location for university students and commuters alike.

They serve a variety of drinks, including coffees, teas, and hot chocolate, as well as light meals and snacks, including fresh pastries and their increasingly-famous toasties, with new menu items coming out all the time. Comrades also caters to vegan/vegetarian diets, offering soy and oat milk for any drink and vegan-friendly foods, including four flavours of lunch rolls and several pastries.

The first question many people ask is, ’Why Comrades?’. No, they aren’t communists. They do, however, believe in the philosophy of comradeship: equality and respect for everyone involved in the creation of each menu item. This means top-notch coffee and chocolate from Union Hand-Roasted Coffee, which ensures both quality and equality in every stage of production. International Comrades also supports several other independent businesses, including the London bakers who create the tasty vegan rolls, the sausage rolls that are handmade in Somerset, and pastries and bread from a bakery just up the road.

In addition to being a prime caffeinating and hang-out spot for QM students, International Comrades also employs several students, offering valuable work experience, fair and equal pay, and a positive work environment that supports rather than inhibits their studies.

International Comrades can be found on Google maps, or, coming from campus, simply by crossing the intersection and taking a right on Burdett road. Come in for a hot drink or a bite to eat while you study!

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