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100 word rants: Issue 23

14 days of strikes by the UCU protesting pension plans represents a failure of Universities UK to negotiate. Students will potentially miss 14 days of tuition through no fault of their own. A strike is the last resort for staff. Commercialisation has turned university education into a prepaid product costing £9250 a year. The strike means we may miss out on a sizeable proportion of that product. Surely the university will owe us a partial refund. Queen Mary have said once they know the full impact of the strike “we will be better able to consider how to respond.”

Cards Against Humanity: the campfire activity, the “I’m-well-cool-in-high-school” game accompanied by bottles of Desperados and Fajitas. We all know how to play – banally read a crude phrase some American guy has written on a piece of cardboard and you’re rewarded with cheap laughs. What I hate most about it is its repetitive nature. Nothing is less funny than a joke you’ve already been told before, so when you know practically every card in the pack you’re no longer shocked by the ‘outrageous’ or ‘edgy’ card that’s called out. It’s no wonder I’ve grown out of the game; the fun is dead.

Unpopular opinion: I hate dating apps. They’re just sad. Maybe I’m refusing to acknowledge that we now live in a world where human interaction cannot take place without algorithms, profiles, and a lot of swiping. Obviously, using a dating app is a lot easier than asking a boy or girl out in person but since when was love (or sex) supposed to be easy? The notion of seeing a person across a crowded bar and asking for their number will be an alien concept to the next generation. When children ask their parents how they met, what are they going to say? “I saw your mother’s holiday pic from last summer with the girls and I thought, “damn girl, u hot” so slid into her DMs with a dick pic.” I think not!

You begin research for an assignment, but as soon as you click on what looks like a helpful website…NOPE. CONTENT BLOCKED. You were just trying to see how cells reproduce…but apparently that’s inappropriate. You were just trying to understand the point Aristotle was trying to make…but, of course, that’s not allowed. The amount of beneficial websites placed on the blocked list is inexcusable. I promise you, I am not plagiarising ANYTHING. If teachers can hold students accountable for having valuable research, then they should ask their friends over at IT services to stop blocking valuable content.

I am sick and tired of women being judged as less athletic just because they are women. Women are just as capable as men at playing sport – we have a national football team, rugby team…need I continue? The women’s league is just as intense as the men’s team, if not more. People need to stop making assumptions that the men’s team is tougher solely based on the fact that they are men and more commonly broadcast. The media needs to present both leagues in an equal light; there is the same amount of talent in each.


Image: Blanca Gonzalez Alba

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