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Record-breaking votes cast in 2018 SU elections

At 4pm, polls officially closed in the 2018 Queen Mary Students’ Union elections.

Data from the SU shows that the number of students who voted hit a record high. However, it is unclear whether a higher proportion of students turned out to vote as the number of people studying at Queen Mary has been steadily increasing over the past few years.

QMSU President, Yasir Yeahia, says one of the reasons for the increase in turnout this year is due to “a huge push on social media.”

Most candidates for paid sabbatical officer positions, as well as current representatives and staff from the Students’ Union could be found in library square this afternoon, encouraging people to vote.

It has been reported that Muhammad Faizan, VP Education candidate, was going around halls of residence in the Student Village this afternoon forcing people to vote for him on his phone. Students have since requested to change their ballots to revoke their vote for Muhammad. An official complaint has reportedly been made to the SU.

The election winners will be announced tonight at 7:30pm in Drapers.

Last updated 19:45 on 29 May 2018. 

Illustration: Kav Rodrigo

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