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Voluntourism: Travel for Change

How would you like to spend 6 weeks in a foreign country whilst making an impact in the local community? AIESEC Queen Mary offers global volunteering projects which connects you to other AIESEC committees around the world. All you need to do is decide where you want to go this summer. Here are some frequently asked questions:

“What can I do”?
Our projects are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). You can find projects which are aimed to end gender inequality, provide quality education and promote climate action.

“I don’t want to teach”.
Not to worry! Our past volunteer, Yasmin, experienced a cultural exchange in Cairo and travelled across Egypt last summer through Project Explore Egypt. “Egypt is rich in history and we had the opportunity to discover many places in 6 weeks. The people you meet are amazing, and I am still contact with my flatmates from Brazil and Tunisia!”.

“Does it help develop leaders?”
Our members have also gone abroad to volunteer. Jun, a member of the Sales team, said that volunteering with AIESEC has helped him promote the program to students in Queen Mary because he went through the same journey as a volunteer. “I am more confident after becoming an AIESEC member and applied for a Team Leader role after my trip”. 

“How do I join?”
You don’t have to be an AIESEC member to volunteer abroad. Sign up at today to apply to our global volunteer program or simply come to one of our info sessions on campus to find out more. You can also contact us at


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