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Suggested Questions for Jacob Rees-Mogg

The opinionated MP Jacob Rees-Mogg is visiting our own dear Queen Mary on the 1st of February. We know thinking of questions yourself can be challenging task, so we’ve created some well thought-out and balanced questions for him. Here they are below:

  • Would you abort baby Hitler, and if not: why do you hate the Jewish people?
  • You’ve already got the old Tory don vote on lock from your anachronistic style of dress, your 19th century views on women’s rights, and frankly ridiculous names of your children. To court the working class vote, would you consider calling your next offspring Vicky after the character from Little Britain?
  • You have no problem filibustering the opposition’s and private members’ bills, seemingly just for fun. Given this precedent, it would be considered a personal inconsistency if you protested against me reading my 80,000 word Snarry fanfiction for the remainder of this event. *ahem* …
  • Scenario: you go back in time, and the only way to stop World War II is to gay marry Hitler. Would you do it, and if not; why do you hate the Jewish people?
  • Have you ever even been inside a Nando’s?
  • If I told you “Nadia said you were peak”, would you call that sentence an oxymoron, or say “it’s actually nadir and zenith”.
  • When you found out Queen Mary is based in the East of London, you reconsidered your decision to speak, just a little bit, didn’t you?

Image: Mile End Institute

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