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QMUL LINKS: We learn to save lives, would you?

Lets be honest.. humans. We all just love attracting trouble, but what happens when trouble gets to you? Well, weve got you covered! QMUL LINKS is a unique combination of a very dynamic Mile End based society, and a St. John Ambulance (SJA) operational first aid unit.

As part of the nations leading first aid charity and as a society, we believe that everyone who needs first aid should be able to receive it from those around them, and that no one should suffer for the lack of trained first aiders. Together, we aim to help teach the student community vital skills that could one day genuinely save someones life (or help another university student who has had one too many to drink).

Through several events, including our weekly Wednesday sessions, and our inventive fundraising events (e.g CPR-athons), we make learning first aid as fun as it gets! QMUL LINKS teaches our members all sorts of aspects of first aid, from executing CPR and using AEDs, to treating burns (for all you accident-prone cooks out there), we cover all the basics that anyone could find useful (especially university students).

Everyone can agree that lectures are more than enough of an exceptional learning experience here in QMUL, so to spice things up, we plan some of our sessionsa little differently. Watch out for zombie night, special guest speakers and maybe even a surprise appearance of an SJA ambulance right here in Mile End! (Hopefully for the right reasons). 

For our keen, dedicated members who want to take the extra step there is also the possibility of joining the unit, where students are able to volunteer for SJA as qualified event first aiders. In this role youll be given the opportunity to contribute at a variety of events including football matches, marathons, fireworks displays and all sorts of other events, big or small. Volunteering for SJA is a great opportunity to put your skills into action (pro tip: just make sure youre not too quick to assume that itll be a quietduty).

SJA volunteers have the opportunity to take on a wide-range of extra training, becoming radio controllers or even trainers themselves. Additionally, if youre super, super extra, with enough hard work and experience, first aiders will have the choice to get even more training to qualify as an advanced first aider! From there one can join the ranks of the ambulance crews or even the cycle response unit! So, who knows? You might be driving one of SJAs very own ambulances one day! 

But of course, as university students, not everything we do is first aid (or is it?). We have plenty of socials scattered throughout the year such as our annual laser tag events, curry night and who can forget our post-session hangouts at Spoons! We even have joint socials with other LINKS units from other universities around London. 

So truth be told, were a pretty cool society. Not only do we share our ways of handling the intoxicated and the sick, but we also try our best to be the difference between a life lost and a life saved. 

So find us on the QMSU page or join us in our Facebook group. And to learn more about SJA, check out their Youtube channel! 

Learn how to save a life, join QMUL LINKS!



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