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QM Yoga Society: Nama-slay

The QM Yoga Society was created in January 2017, but has found its feet this academic year. We recently elected a new committee, and are working hard to bring exciting events to all our members! Our society is open to everyone, from beginners to the more experienced yogi, and yoga is something that you can continue throughout life.

Yoga is a great way to exercise, improve flexibility and to embrace mindfulness – as well as make friends. There are so many reasons to start practising yoga- it can even help to relieve stress when you’re bogged down with deadlines and exams!

We run weekly classes on a Wednesday afternoon which are free for our members and are run by our president, who is a qualified yoga instructor. In addition to classes, frequent workshops can assist you in working towards goals such as the splits and headstands, no matter how far off they may seem! We also hold regular socials and events, such as our recent collaboration social with the QM Vegetarian and Vegan Society at 90 Degree Melt.

Monthly excursions to a variety of yoga activities are available at a discounted price, and have recently included activities such as Anti-Gravity Yoga and Hotpod Yoga! January’s monthly excursion is Disco Yoga – the chance to take part in a yoga session with a live DJ, glitter station and a cocktail or mocktail after all the hard work!

We are currently organising our first yoga retreat abroad, set to take place in June, and give our members the chance to extend their practice and enjoy some much-needed time on the beach.

If you’d like to be part of the #yogang, we’ll be holding taster sessions on the 24th January. You can also look up our society page on the QMSU website, and keep up to date with us on our Facebook and Instagram pages!


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