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Lumiere illuminates London

Commissioned by the Mayor of London, this lighted-art exposition gives the opportunity for artists in the organizing charity, Artichoke, to expose their works all around central London. 

From Mayfair and Westminster, to King’s Cross, South Bank and Waterloo, at 5.30pm on 18th January, the exhibition kicked off with a range of projections, neons, interactive pieces and illuminated sculptures. 

I personally think this event is such a great idea because it is always good to promote art and make it available to everyone, and I believe this Artichoke’s project does both things very well. The only thing I feel upset about is the fact that it only lasts four days. 

In any case, no matter how long this festival is, it will absolutely season London’s streets once more, and, for people interested in photography like myself, it gives us the opportunity to let our camera play with the lights!




Images: Blanca Gonzalez Alba

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