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We did it! Israel-Palestine solution found in Bancroft 1.13

This week’s Politics and IR event, ‘Coffee and Politics: Is the Israeli-Palestinian two state solution ‘dead’?’ has done the impossible: made peace attainable in the Middle East.

The students, with copious amounts of free coffee in their systems, were able to resolve the decades of political and racial hatred. As they hashed out a two state solution in just under an hour, the 20 students in Bancroft 1.13 succeeded in ending the fifty years long conflict.

Scenes of love and mutual respect broke out across the states of Israel and Palestine after 60 years of occupation were forgiven in a heartbeat.

Who would have guessed that it would be a bunch of privileged white Brits who were able to solve the issue? To think all they were missing was a level of reason and logic possessed only by undergraduate students.

We can only hope that the mixture of coffee and politics are this successful at solving the African debt crisis, the threat of nuclear war and racism around the globe.   


Image – My Jewish Learning

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