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Equality in Leadership Society

The Equality in Leadership society passionately strives towards making an impact in the creation of an equal workplace for everyone. This society promotes gender equality in workplaces, as well as equal opportunities for minority ethnic groups, the LGBTQ+ community, and others suffering from unequal access to opportunities.

The President, Kajal Kandeth, has dedicated herself this year “to build on the society’s great work in the past towards building a fairer, more equal workplace. With QM being such a diverse environment, we want to see this reflected in our group”.  

Equality in Leadership believes that the root issue of inequality lies in the lack of fruitful discussion on the topic and by stimulating such discussion, the society hopes to make a positive impact across Queen Mary.

As a society, we encourage dialogue and work relentlessly towards creating a more equal workplace through the various activities and events hosted throughout the year. This includes the annual workshops held with Gwyn Day and giving members top-class advice on how to secure vacation schemes and training contracts. EiL also fundraised alongside UNICEF in a recent bake sale.

Throughout the year, the society plans to host various events including: panel events, coffee discussion sessions and much more!


Image: Equality in Leadership QMUL

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