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Brace yourself: jaw-dropping new dental magazine launches

Also, brush your teeth twice a day

A new dental magazine edited by students at the Barts and London recently published its first issue.

‘The Dental Mirror’, edited by James Coughlan, has features on the fizzy drink tax and dental contract reform, as well as satirical content.

Editor-in-Chief, James Coughlan, launched the magazine because he believes that there is a demand for a dentistry magazine at BL. “The dentistry degree is very focused and prescriptive, with only a small amount of scope to study areas that particularly interest you, so we felt that there was a niche to be filled by giving people an outlet to explore things they find fascinating”, James told The Print.  

Initial feedback suggests that ‘The Dental Mirror’ is going down well with non-dental students also. James thinks this is down to their coverage of topics which affects the wider student population, such as whether to give HPV vaccines to boys, as well as issues surrounding gender equality, economics, and politics.

With the first issue boasting a circulation of 200, the team of three editors, six writers, and two designers, are very proud of what they have created. Coughlan said, “Starting from scratch with a small team meant that we had to not only learn how to do everything from the finances to the graphic design, but also recruit writers, illustrators and designers. We took longer than we had originally hoped for, but we wanted to make sure the first issue was a really high quality, and I think we succeeded in that respect!”

As well as creating a magazine, the editors also realised that they needed to create an identity; defining styles of writing and design choices. James is thankful for the dedicated team, as well as the support of Christine and Aisha at the Students’ Union who helped them overcome issues in the creation process. 

The cover of the first issue has a striking red background and a large blurb with the headline “Pulled out of the EU” accompanied by an image depicting a tooth with the union flag on it being pulled out by a pair of pliers.

“The front cover is something that I am really chuffed about,” James declared, “Henry Vowles (who designed the logo) and Nadia Nateghian (who did the illustration) made it look amazing.”

Copies of issue 1 can be found on both the Whitechapel and Mile End campus as well as the dental hospital waiting area. You can like The Dental Mirror on Facebook.


Image: The Dental Mirror

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