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Six reasons to run to be Editor of The Print

1. The glamour

You slowly but surely become known in your seminars as ‘that person who does that Queen Mary newspaper thing’. The sunglasses of Anna Wintour or creased boyish grin of Ian Hislop are optional affectations but it does feel good to say that you are the editor of a publication with a circulation of one thousand and with a website that is nearing 1 million pageviews for this academic year. Plus, the opportunity to engage with the student population in a significant way and work on meaningful and interesting stories – as well as shameless clickbait and lighthearted digestible reads.

2. The email

Each morning you will wake up to an inbox full of opportunity. From new bands wanting you to review their new LP or attend their gig for free, to educational think tanks who have conducted a study with results that we may be interested in covering. The inbox is an endless stream of information (admittedly, some emails are far more useful than others) but it will always be a good source of stories.

3. The feedback

Regardless of whether you are doing a good job or bad. Regardless of whether you want feedback or not. Regardless of whether you are hanging out with friends or at a Student Council meeting. People feel obliged to offer you feedback. Do not take feedback as a negative thing though as it is necessary for the newspaper to improve, figuring out what works and what does not, and for personal growth.

It is only through feedback you learn things that you never thought you would ever need to know about copy, SEO, Instant Articles, InDesign, and niche WordPress plugins from rogue developers in the US midwest.

4. The experience

The wide variety of experiences that will be on offer and the potential you have to create experiences is something truly magical. The scope of activities that the newspaper will be asked to cover is exhilarating. Panels, workshops, public meetings, talks, Student Council, SU elections, and club sports games are just to name a few. You also get to meet some fantastic people from the other heads of student media and folk who work for the SU to students who have started their own business and lecturers who think they might have a story of interest.

Also, unless you hire an activities coordinator (or something similar), one of the jobs of being Editor of The Print is organising socials. In the past year, these have varied from pub quizzes and wine slurping evenings to launch parties and satirical soirees.

5. The creative side

You get to be creative and have that creativity realised by others. It’s rewarding to see the ideas and hard work that the team has worked on all get epitomised into a newspaper every month. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

6. The team

You are given the opportunity to surround yourself with people equally as passionate and enthusiastic in journalism as you. By building relationships and support structures within the editorial team, it allows everyone who is a member of The Print to pick up new skills and become better journalists.

1 reason NOT to apply to be editor of The Print

Because it looks good on your CV

Being editor of a university newspaper looks great on your CV… but as does volunteering at the London Marathon for a day – and that is considerably easier. If you want to be editor of The Print you need to have a passion for what the job entails and be prepared to work hard. If you want to be editor because it looks good on your CV, you might soon find yourself out of your depth. Running any student media outlet is not easy and this is not a position that gets easier once you have the title.

That being said, it is an ellish experience. You meet fascinating people, you have some epic opportunities, you learn lots about journalism, media and also yourself, and at times it is even rewarding. You also get to choose (of course) how big or small you want your role to be. If you just want to focus on the newspaper and website, that’s fine. But if you want to experiment with video projects, podcasting, multimedia, organising speeches, and setting up bases on Mars – you can also do that.

If you’re interested in being the next Editor-in-Chief of The Print, draft a manifesto and email it to before Wednesday 7 March 2018. If you have questions about the position (or editing other student media outlets) there is a Q&A session on 5th March from 1-2pm in Laws 1.19.

The Print and CUB’s AGM, when the next editors will be elected, in on 21 March 2018. More information here:


Image – Financial Times / BBC

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